This farmer drives several kilometers a day to bring water to wild animals

This farmer drives several kilometers a day to bring water to wild animals

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Human beings have to understand that we can live in harmony with the rest of the animals. We cannot continue to cause the disappearance of many species because of our irresponsible and selfish way of life.

But there are stories of people who inspire us, like what Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua does. This farmer drives a water truck for two hours every day to bring water to the wild animals in Kenya's Tsavo National Park.

Due to climate change, that area has been strongly affected and the rains that were previously traditional at this time of year have not had the same intensity. This is why the animals have been strongly affected and their condition is very vulnerable: without the help of this 41-year-old man, they would die.

Patrick began this noble action a year ago when he realized the lack of water for the fauna of the place. For the same reason he decided to act. He also founded "Voluntarios de Tsavo" with which he intends to raise funds to purchase another vehicle and be able to distribute more water.

The relationship that has been formed between this man and the grateful animals is so close that they already recognize him and are happy when he appears with his truck to give them a drink.

"Last night I found 500 buffalo waiting in the dry hole. When I got there they could smell the water ... They started drinking while I stood there. They were very happy," Patrick told The Dodo site.

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