Spanish businesswoman declares herself "owner of the sun" and wants to be paid for its use

Spanish businesswoman declares herself

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In 2012 the Spanish Ángeles Durán, from the Galician city of Vigo, addressed a lawyer so that he could fulfill a dream, a very intimate desire, to be the absolute owner of the Sun. The lawyer when listening to what the Spanish woman asked of her He consults this situation with the professional bar association and decides to help her in the strange request of the woman.

The petition (act of demonstrations) where Ángeles states, "I am the owner of the sun, the spectral star G2, which is located in the center of our universe at a distance of approximately 150,000,000 kilometers from the earth", this document Legal decree that the obtaining of the aforementioned property constitutes an electromagnetic and radioactive apprehension as there has been no owner for more than five million years and for this reason Mrs. Ángeles Durán is officially declared the owner by usucapion of the Sun since it is in good faith that gets.

Angeles, as the definitive owner of this star, intends to charge for the use of solar energy in order to distribute the income in equal parts so that the General budget of the Spanish Government guarantees the settlement of the minimum pensions, for health research, to reduce hunger and for the personal and intimate expenses that Ángeles Durán has.

Durán in 2013 put his property (the Sun) up for sale by parcels, through Spanish and Italian pages, but the web portal prohibits the commercialization of his property, and as president of a consumer and usury association he decides to sue . But there is something else, Duran is not only the owner of the Sun, he also has the longest score in the world to his name and he is also the owner of the cry of Tarzan (because he has already lost a lawsuit with the SGAE). The Sun and the cry of Tarzan are only to help people and not for self-interest, says the Spanish businesswoman.

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