Croatian architect designs organ that turns ocean waves into music

Croatian architect designs organ that turns ocean waves into music

By Jose M. Taboada

'Morse Orgulje', which can be translated as 'majestic organ', was designed by this architect in 2005. It is the undisputed star of the city of Zadar in Croatia. An incredible show. The channels of this organ connect 35 tubes, each one connected in turn to different musical chains. So you get the sounds naturally. The notes it gives off are purely random, they depend on how the waves impart against the organ.

With this design, the Croatian architect won the awardex aequo of the fourth edition of the European Prize for Urban Public Space.

Inspired by a small Greek instrument called hydraulis, and with the antecedent of the creation of the Wave Organ in the city of San Francisco in 1986, this sea organ is 70 meters long, made entirely of concrete and with some steps in marble.

Its 35 tubes precisely generate a different note caused by the movement of the waves and the energy of the wind. Each tube goes through the structure and makes contact with the Adriatic Sea, while at the top we will see small holes, which together create a surprising melody and ideal for losing sight of the horizon, or simply a pleasure for our senses.

Here you can see and hear this impressive instrument-sculpture:

and if you just want to hear its sound ...

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