Bill Gates and several millionaires invest in green innovations

Bill Gates and several millionaires invest in green innovations

The basis from which they start for the creation of this company is that human beings are polluting (mainly by burning oil, gas and coal) the Earth and that public investment in favor of green alternatives is insufficient.

In addition, they believe that it is unlikely that this type of investment, at least in the United States, will improve under the Trump presidency, so they understand that the private sector has to play a decisive role and Bill Gates has decided to stimulate it, since he understands that the Business support is essential if it is to provide the next generation of clean energy.
Breakthrough Energy Ventures must be active for at least 20 years and will launch its major projects in the course of 2017. The goal is to help commercialize technologies that limit the spread of greenhouse gases.

Support for green innovation

The fund will support innovative activities in the fields of energy storage, agriculture and transport and aims to provide affordable energy to as many people as possible, without overloading essential resources, including the use of land and water.

Investors are generally very wary of the green energy sector and without funding innovative ideas are unsuccessful, said Bill Gates, showing that he is fully aware of the difficulties associated with developing renewable energy.

The billionaire argues that the renewable energy market is an extremely interesting market and it is so large that its value could multiply exponentially, if a large part of the world's energy comes from clean sources. The problem that this investment fund wants to tackle is being profitable and meeting global energy needs, while respecting the environment. This is a daunting challenge that Bill Gates and his billionaire friends intend to tackle.
Breakthrough Energy Ventures pretends to be something like the counterpart of Trump's anti-environmental measures, since they consider that, if the US is one of the most polluting countries, it should be the first to take measures to change and if the government does not, they will.


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