A handy dishwasher that saves you time, space, money and water

A handy dishwasher that saves you time, space, money and water

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Circus Independent, as it has dubbed it, is designed for small spaces and is intended to cater to the needs of those who cannot afford or do not have space for a traditional dishwasher. Levin wants to support those who are currently washing their dishes by hand, who are wasting their precious time, as well as a lot of water. Circo Independient is also very suitable for those who do not have electricity or running water in their homes. The machine works with a small crank, which circulates the water and the detergent inside.

If you like this type of appliance that does not consume electricity, you will surely like the spinning machine, a washing machine that only needs your pedaling to wash clothes.

It is estimated that 75% of the world's population will live in urban areas by 2050. While this urbanization presents great opportunities, it will be a huge challenge to ensure that energy and space are distributed efficiently and equitably and that cities they can be a "good home". An engineering student in Israel hopes that with his dishwasher he can contribute to making future cities more energy efficient speaking.

Levin developed Circo Independient as the final project for his degree in industrial design. At his presentation, Levin showed a prototype, as well as his design plans and various models. The current Circo model is compact, which means that only a few dishes can be washed at a time. However, if Levin continues to develop the machine, it is possible that the design could be adapted to larger loads.

Chen Levin is now looking for funding to be able to commercialize this device.


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