In Córdoba, Argentina, it is dismantled at the rate of 6.5 stadiums per day

In Córdoba, Argentina, it is dismantled at the rate of 6.5 stadiums per day

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During the past year, only the province of Córdoba lost more than 1,600 hectares of native forest as a result of clearing to use the land for agricultural exploitation.

The figures shown by the NGO Guyra differ, however, from those provided by the government of that province, which reduce the impact. According to what was published by the newspaper La Voz, for the government of Juan Schiaretti the total officially reported is 473.1 hectares for the first semester of 2016.

The figure is less than the 862.2 hectares detected by Guyra for the same period.

The journalist Lucas Viano explained in the Mediterranean that "the difference between both sources may be that since November 2015 the Environmental Police only reports illegal interventions in the red zone, the area with native forest that has greater protection according to the current law of land use management of forests (9,814).

Before, it also accounted for clearing in the yellow zone and that which was carried out with the authorization of the Province's Secretary of the Environment (legal clearing). "A comparison used to measure native deforestation is that, every day, the equivalent of 6 were eradicated. 5 Mario Kempes stadiums per day.

According to the Cordovan Environmental Police report, the area with the most clearing in the first half of 2016 was Río Seco (212.9 hectares), while Cruz del Eje had the largest area with selective clearing: 171.3 hectares. Meanwhile, according to Guyra data, the months of 2016 with the most clearing in Córdoba were June (577 hectares) and August (265).

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