Italian television shows how glyphosate is killing Argentines

Italian television shows how glyphosate is killing Argentines

Malformations, cancer, and in the end the worst death of all is the consequence of the increasingly concentrated use of herbicides, mainly glyphosate, which must increase its power periodically due to the resistance developed by the "weeds".

This is shown by Italian television in a recent production made in our country, alerted by the number of people affected in central provinces such as Santa Fe, Córdoba, Entre Ríos and Buenos Aires, where these chemicals have been used to a greater extent for several years .

The most obvious cases occur in people who work with these types of substances without taking any precautions. A clear example of this is the Entre Ríos town of San Salvador, known as "the town of cancer", where you can breathe a thick atmosphere with high concentrations of poison and low-income inhabitants use discarded glyphosate drums to bring water to their homes.

The report includes the testimony of Fabián Tomasi, a native of Basavilbaso, Entre Ríos, who in 2005 began working in an agrochemical aerial application company and today suffers from a serious condition known as the "shoemaker's disease" after being periodically exposed to a rain of herbicides.

An excellent production conducted by Gaetano Pecoraro that shows how the "barn of the world" is on its way to becoming a gigantic infirmary.

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