An expedition confirmed that the tycoon Joseph Lewis seized Lago Escondido

An expedition confirmed that the tycoon Joseph Lewis seized Lago Escondido

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After three days of marching through the mountain path indicated by President Macri as a public access path to the Escondido Lake in El Bolsón, the so-called "March for Sovereignty" proved that the path is inaccessible.

The environmental movement is carried out by artists, journalists, athletes, mountaineers, political activists and human rights activists and it has been found that the path is only passable for trained athletes or mountaineers.

They were several days of hard walking (33 km of mountain) and the group, made up of 24 people and led by former military man Julio Urien (who rebelled against his superiors in 1972, shortly before the return of Juan Domingo Perón to Argentina) , reached the west shore of Lake Escondido through the path known as the blue box.

The members of the march had to spend the night in two shelters on a path where in many sections there were no signs and they walked on dangerous terrain for inexperienced traffic.

Upon arriving at the Lake, the march entered in a closed line singing the Argentine National Anthem. Then they proceeded to camp on the shore of the Escondido in the area known as the towpath in front of the guest house where, according to local versions, there would have been an encounter between Barak Obama, Mauricio Macri and Lewis.

During the camping, irregularities were detected in the vicinity of the land, such as bottles of detergent abandoned on the shore of the lake, recently used stoves in an area where fire is prohibited. In addition, in the previous days, the activists had received complaints from residents about a reality show that would be taking place in the area in which the felling of trees is encouraged.

On Wednesday the 8th of this month, the members of the march carried out activities and water sports such as kayaking, skysurfing, kites in the national colors and fishing activities with acquired permission. In the afternoon of that day, the weather conditions deteriorated dramatically, a storm of rain, cold wind and snow broke out on the peaks.

According to plans and the adverse weather conditions, on Thursday, March 9, the workers of the Lago Escondido company who were prowling the camp were informed of the intention of marching along the public path towards the helmet of the magnate Lewis' mansion to undertake the return towards the exit by the Camino de Tacuifí, a less demanding path and that the Justice of Rio Negro ordered as the public access road.

The police authorities who prowled the camp indicated on several occasions that if the march decided to opt for that alternative, the members would have to accept the consequences and would be detained with the possibility of episodes of violence and confrontation.

As the weather conditions worsened, added to the dangerousness of the road, the people of the delegation who were not qualified or trained to undertake the return under those circumstances along the path of the Cajón del Azul, accepted the help of the Río Negro Police who activated a rescue protocol for evacuation.

For the evacuation, the security forces conspicuously used resources from Joseph Lewis's Hidden Lake Company such as boats and traffics.

The seven remaining companions (trained mountaineers and Julio Urien, head of the FIPCA foundation), made the decision to return again along the "public road" to finish documenting its impassability through photographic and film records.

In this context, the members of the environmental movement reaffirmed in a statement "the need to enable public access to Lago Escondido through the Tacuifí road that is in the El Foyel area, the only accessible road." On this, they emphasize that the demand was made by different social organizations. "In this way we accompany the claim for the opening of this path that the Province of Río Negro must make, as ordered by the ruling of the Superior Court of Justice of 2009," they indicated.

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