To make a motocross track, they clear native forest in Neuquén

To make a motocross track, they clear native forest in Neuquén

The MXGP Patagonia Argentina Motocross World Championship will be held on March 18 and 19 in Villa La Angostura, in natural settings of great beauty, on a track that was made from the clearing of native forest. Communities in the southern zone of the Mapuche Confederation have warned that more trees were cut down to expand the circuit.

It is the so-called "most beautiful circuit in the world", where competitors from all over the world will participate in a competition that takes place within the territory of the Nahuel Huapí National Park. Built in 2014, 12 hectares that belong to the municipality's ejido had to be cleared and three hectares belong to National Parks. After the previous edition, the Mapuche communities decided to reforest this last area.

“This is a territory of National Parks and was intervened without authorization in 2014 to carry out the construction of a motocross circuit that housed the sports competitions. Parks estimated in 200 years the term in which the soil and its vegetation will be able to recover ”, the councilors Teresa Rioseco, Pamela Mucci and Mariano Mansilla issued in a statement.

“The Mapuche Communities of the South Zone of the Mapuche Confederation have called us informing us that for the championship that will be held in a few days, more hectares of forest than those authorized to expand the track were cleared and places were set up for the public to enter with vehicles to places that are forbidden because they are native forests, "said Mansilla.

"We think that it is positive that we host important sporting events, but let's take care of our own, don't ruin our native forests and properly control it," the statement said. Sports competitions are prohibited by the regulations of the Administration of National Parks. Lonko Lucas Kintupuray from the Mapuche Kintupuray Community assured that for the construction of the track, the Forest Law and the Territorial Ordinance of the Neuquén Native Forest (OTBN) have also been violated.

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