The importance of knowing the origin of the products

The importance of knowing the origin of the products

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In this way, they not only guarantee transparency and traceability, but they will also have the necessary information to choose sustainable alternatives that guarantee the labor and human rights of those who carry them out.

The collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh (April 24, 2013) that revealed the deplorable working conditions in textiles or realities such as the fact that around 10% of the workers in the coffee harvests are boys and girls, are just two examples of human rights abuses and violations that occur in the production chain of certain items of daily consumption. They are also situations that consolidate poverty and favor an increase in inequality.

Faced with realities like these, Fair Trade organizations remind consumers of the importance of knowing them and, therefore, avoiding them to the extent that they opt for sustainable and humane economic alternatives.

Fair Trade is based on criteria such as ensuring decent and safe working conditions, the payment of an adequate salary, the same for them and for the same tasks, non-exploitation of child labor and production through respectful techniques and procedures. with the natural environment. It constitutes a whole network of alternative trade at an international level, present in more than 70 countries. It had its origin in the 60s, and today it has 2.5 million producers, 500 importing organizations and more than 4000 specialized stores in Europe, as well as international institutions that guarantee compliance with the 10 principles of Fair Trade.

According to the latest Eurobarometer, half of the people surveyed would be willing to pay more for Fair Trade products, a proportion that increases compared to previous years. In Spain, the consumption of Fair Trade products reached 35 million euros in 2015, 6% more than the previous year. Despite the growth, Spain remains behind in Fair Trade consumption in relation to the rest of Europe. In our country, the average expenditure per inhabitant and year on these products is 75 cents, while the European average reaches 12.4 euros.

State Fair Trade Coordinator

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