Trump authorizes extra funds for NASA and Mars exploration

Trump authorizes extra funds for NASA and Mars exploration

The measure authorizes $ 19.5 million for the agency's budget in the fiscal year that begins in October.

Trump also highlighted the ceremony and the main purpose of the act on his Twitter account, with a message that reads: “Honored to sign S.442 today. With this legislation, we support the scientists, engineers and astronauts of @NASA in their search for discoveries! ”.

During the signing of the measure, Trump stressed that with it his government is supporting jobs and astronauts: “This also has to do with jobs. That law calls for continuous monitoring and treatment of our heroic astronauts to detect diseases that may result from their service. "

For his part, Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, the main sponsor of the legislation, who was in the Oval Office with other legislators when President Trump signed the law, stressed that "it is the first time in seven years" that the NASA receives a budget increase.

President Trump noted that for nearly six decades NASA's work has inspired millions of Americans to imagine different worlds and a better future on Earth, and affirmed his enthusiasm for having the opportunity to pass the measure.

"It has been a long time since a law like this has been passed, reaffirming our commitment to NASA's main mission: human space exploration, space science and technology."

The measure amends current law by adding human exploration to the Red Planet as the agency's goal. It supports the use of the International Space Station, ISS, until at least 2024, and authorizes the agency to partner with private companies to carry cargo and conduct experiments, among other things.

Other legislators present at the signing of the legislation were Senator Marco Rubio, of Florida; Vice President Mike Pence, who announced that he will chair the National Space Council; and Democratic Senator, also from Florida, Bill Nelson, who praised the law saying it puts NASA "on a par" with commercial companies traveling to the ISS and allows it to continue exploring the universe.

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