Colombia: red alert declared in Medellín for air pollution

Colombia: red alert declared in Medellín for air pollution

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Medellín, the second largest city in Colombia, is on a red alert for air pollution, according to local authorities this Wednesday. "Due to unfavorable meteorological conditions for the dispersion of pollutants, the air quality monitoring records show a significant increase in PM2.5 particulate matter," the 10 mayors said in a joint statement. They also asked the national government "to lead the process of improving fuels that are distributed in the country." According to them, it should go from "300 parts per million sulfur, as is currently the case, to a level of 10 parts per million sulfur, and diesel from 50 parts per million sulfur to 10 parts per million." The mayors accompanied the red alert of measures such as restricting the circulation of private cars, trucks and motorcycles at specific times and ordering public schools to suspend "physical and recreational activities outdoors until the weather conditions change." Environmentalhttp: //

Video: Models with masks walk in demo against air pollution in Medellin (June 2022).


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