Urban eco art, lots of creativity in the city

Urban eco art, lots of creativity in the city

The traditional street graffiti or murals have found a different flight, and nature is incorporated into these creative designs on walls and floors.

The cities keep in their corners different expressions that speak of their people, their customs and their identity. Just like the music that adorns the atmosphere of a street, the drawings that appear on the walls or on the floor itself also say something.

Natural urban art takes the best of these expressions and exploits creativity using plants, trees or crevices that are part of the landscape, thus transforming them into one more ingredient in the final work. In this way, we can see bushes that are used as a painted girl's hair or openings that become faces. That is, the image and nature are a whole, they complement each other and make a great design and a better idea.

Video: Ecopolis (May 2021).