What right does man have to kill animals?

What right does man have to kill animals?

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By Mª José Navarro

Fortunately, more and more groups and associations clearly express that like human beings, animals are living beings that feel pain, suffer, but also feel joy. And if all this were not enough, today we know that animals are not afraid of death, which does not mean that they want to die, much less in pain. People who have a domestic animal confirm it: animals are very sensitive beings on many occasions. Something that science already confirms. And there is another aspect that should not be overlooked, that animals breathe the same breath that we human beings breathe. Doesn't this make us related?

If we investigate a little more deeply to discover where this tradition or custom of eating animals comes from, we can refer to the Bible and ancient writings bequeathed by tradition such as some apocryphal gospels in which there is interesting information about it. Taking this search direction is given by the widespread custom of turning every Catholic holiday into large slaughter parties, something of which we are not usually very aware. In fact, the Church itself does not take a position against this widespread custom.

More than one reader can now rightly say: Why should I consider becoming a vegetarian when the same Bible openly says that you can kill animals and eat their meat? However, it is precisely in the Bible where there are great contradictions in this regard, there are paragraphs that advocate a vegetarian and animal-friendly diet. Already in Genesis we find the following: «And God said: Look, I have given you all the plants that give seeds in all the Earth, and all the trees with fruits that give seeds, for your sustenance. But to all the animals on Earth and to all the birds under Heaven and to all the worms on earth I have given all the green herbs for food. And so it happened. And God looked at everything he had made and saw that it was good.

And in "The Exodus" we find another very important and simple paragraph: The fifth Commandment given through Moses that clearly says: "You shall not kill", and does not specify that they are human beings, but clearly says that you should not kill What is manifested by God through His true prophets, as well as the teachings of Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount are standards of life of very high ethics and morals. But so is His word given today through Gabriele de Würzburg for more than 42 years, because through her God has spoken in favor of animals, also in favor of the unity of all Creation, which includes the human being, the animals and the entire Mother Earth.

From the program "Animals are God's creatures, not food"

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