Surprise by the appearance of 3 perfect circles furrowed in a field

Surprise by the appearance of 3 perfect circles furrowed in a field

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The city - of approximately 13,000 inhabitants - was convulsed by the news, which was soon released by the media.

So far, there is no explanation whatsoever to justify the appearance of the rings that were found in the Aeroclub of the Buenos Aires town, next to Route 7.

Netizens in the area began to speculate theories of extraterrestrial activity in the area, even the mayor of the town himself, Marcelo Skansi, ventured to speak of UFOs on his Twitter account.

To determine the origin of the enigmatic find, the municipality took a sample on the spot to send it to the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA).

Researchers from the Committee for the Study of the UFO Phenomenon of the Argentine Republic (CEFORA) also came to the site, taking samples of the grass that will be analyzed by the Faculty of Agronomy of the UBA. "They have some patterns that fit within the UFO phenomenon," said Andrea Pérez Simondini, president of the research team, according to what was reported by Infobae.

The mayor told the press that when he saw the property, the first thing that was done was to rule out any human activity.

In the same way, he claimed that large and striking circles are not at all common.

"I asked that they take a sample to send it to INTA and thus discard any‘ fanned ’. We are all anxious waiting for the results and there are people who know about the subject, who are investigating it ”, he explained.

Crop circles: an inexplicable art

The crop circles - as they are generally called - are perfect and neat designs that appear printed on crops, usually of the grass type, within one night. The drawings are defined by the position of the plants, which in this type of cultivation are tightly distributed.

They have been reported on all continents and in more than seventy countries, such as England, the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, India, Germany, South Africa, etc.

Although the phenomenon of crop circles seems relatively recent, there is no shortage of ancient records. The oldest known figure appeared in England in 1647.

Reports of this phenomenon began to become even more popular in the 1960s. The first known case was in Queensland (Australia), when a farmer claimed to have seen a UFO emerge from a swamp. When he went to check the area, he found a circular shape 32 feet long by 25 feet wide.

Local police, the Royal Australian Air Force together with the University of Queensland concluded that the phenomenon was most likely due to natural causes.

After that case, many more appeared.

At least 10,000 crop circles have been reported internationally, from places like the former Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States and Canada.

Since 2000, the formations have increased in size and complexity, incorporating mathematical and scientific features.

Researcher Jeremy Northcote found that crop circles in the UK do not spread randomly across the landscape. They tend to appear near roads, medium to dense population areas, and cultural heritage monuments.

Another common pattern is that they always appear in easily accessible areas.

Skeptics explain it as a strategy to call in the media, the absence of fencing laws and / or legislation against entering private property.

Some fascinating examples

Solar system on Earth

This figure appeared on June 26, 1995. The researchers determined that the design revealed the place where the asteroid Swachssman-Watchmann was going to pass a few months later (specifically in September 1995). The reasoning was based on the position that the Earth should have been in that diagram and on the appearance of previous references to comets and asteroids during that year 1995.


This drawing appeared in Hailey Wood, Ashbury, Oxfordshire, on July 16, 2007. In an extraordinary session such as that year, this design based on parables intersecting with circles was interpreted by scholars as the crop circle indicating change .


On July 4, 2002, this beautiful design identified as a galaxy appeared at Stonehenge (England). Its three-dimensional representation, its size, and the delicacy of its lines make this design one of the most impressive.


This prehistoric animal was represented very well in a corn field in Pewsey, Wiltshire, on July 17, 2002. The mathematical curves represented are perfect and various interpretations have been attributed to it: a knowledge of our most remote antiquity by the craftsmen of design, a mathematical demonstration of the golden ratio and a tribute to nature.

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