Egg shells and tomato skin to replace oil in the tires of the future

Egg shells and tomato skin to replace oil in the tires of the future

New technologies make new ways to make certain pieces and objects appear. In this sense, the latest beneficiaries of these advances are the tires whose manufacture could benefit from innovative and environmentally friendly ecological techniques.

And it is that researchers from Ohio State University have discovered that food residues, specifically tomato skin and egg shells, can be an excellent filler for rubber tires, as evidenced by the tests that certify how these residues exceed industry standards for performance.

As Katrina Cornish explains, leading this investigation,"This technology has the potential to solve three problems at once: it makes the manufacture of rubber products more sustainable, reduces our dependence on oil and prevents waste from ending up in landfills ”.

It certainly opens a door to hope and food waste could partially replace carbon, the petroleum-based filler material long used in tire manufacturing and which has become increasingly difficult to obtain.

Making things like tires from greener materials complements the efforts already underway to develop clean fuel sources. The use of tomato skin and eggshells as tire fillers could help reduce the dependence that the vast majority of countries have on foreign oil. In addition, it would also keep food waste out of landfills and make the production of items more sustainable.

Food accounts for around a fifth of waste destined for landfills, so finding ways to keep food waste out of landfills not only saves space but also helps in the fight against climate change.

This new possible use only shows that when the waste is processed correctly it can be used to generate energy, enrich the soil as fertilizer or serve as a source of food for animals. Now, it could also prove useful in the manufacture of tires.

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