Bees have been declared the most important species in the world

Bees have been declared the most important species in the world

Two scientists presented a debate, as if they were two politicians running for president of the nation, only in this case what they were postulating and defending was which was the most important species for our planet.

Professor David Thomas argued in favor of plankton, while Dr. George McGavin posited bees. Each presented proof and evidence of how important these two organisms are to the rest of the living things in our world.

But after the debate, members of the audience had to vote for one species or another as the most important in the world. McGavin convinced them by explaining how a quarter of a million species of flowering plants depend on bees. Also that many species are crucial for agriculture, and that without bees we would not only lose flowers, but many other vegetables, including fruit trees, and other crops that we eat every day.
Bees are dying in many parts of the world, largely due to insecticides and the fragmentation of natural spaces. And certainly a world without bees would be catastrophic, as McGavin said.
Other scientists participated in the debate, but did not reach the final, they argued in favor of bats, fungi, etc. What the debate was looking for was to choose the most irreplaceable species, the species without which it would be almost impossible to live. So let's take care of all of them, but not only those mentioned here, but all of them. Each global species has a purpose, we are not the cause of its disappearance.
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