Large sunspot off Earth triggers geomagnetic storm alert

Large sunspot off Earth triggers geomagnetic storm alert

A geomagnetic storm can have the effect of producing beautiful auroras at high latitudes, but it also collapses power grids and affects communications and satellite systems.

The spot was registered by the US Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration as AR2645, and it accompanies two more, which are already rotating to the right of the Sun.

“In a year with few sunspots, AR2645 is remarkable. In just a few days, the young spot has grown from an almost invisible speck into a sprawling monster more than 75,000 miles wide. And, that it is directly in front of the Earth ”, highlighted today the astronomers of Space Weather.

Sunspots harbor fluxes of magnetic fields. These streams can generate X-ray flares.

According to astronomers, an M-class flare could eventually emerge from the spot seen today at the center, which is equivalent to a moderate type.

An explosion from AR2645 “could ionize the upper part of our planet's atmosphere and disrupt the normal propagation of radio transmissions around the world. Shortwave radio outages and other effects are possible, ”warns Space Weather. This particularly affects navigation systems.

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