By law, Spain prohibits cutting off the ears and tail of dogs

By law, Spain prohibits cutting off the ears and tail of dogs

This is good news for dogs and dog lovers. For 30 years, Spain adhered to the European Convention for the Protection of Companion Animals signed in 1987. However, they made a “reservation”, that is, an exception to article 10 of the agreement that prohibits the docking of the tail and the ears of dogs. One of the Mexican deputies began a battle to eliminate this exception, which is why a debate was held in the Commission for the Ratification of the Agreement, which was welcomed and supported by all political parties, except the Popular Party.

For this reason, the Spanish parliament eliminated the reservation and prohibited the tail and ears of dogs, by law. In addition, any type of surgical intervention that is aesthetic and does not have medical, curative or health purposes is prohibited.

After 30 years, Spain reaffirms its commitment to companion animals, understanding that this practice does not make any sense, and accepting that the tail of dogs, for example, is essential for their communication and stabilization, also for swimming. In addition, these amputations can generate health problems, pain and locomotor difficulties in canines. With happiness, we inform that the canines of the Spanish territory will no longer endure these painful acts.

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