If you like cacti, you should pay attention to these Feng Shui tips

If you like cacti, you should pay attention to these Feng Shui tips

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Feng Shui establishes that we must be especially careful when choosing the place to place our cactus, since they are plants that have a very strong energy that can turn against us. This is why it is not recommended to locate them in the following places:

1. Bedroom

It is our place of rest and relaxation, where we also share time with our partner. We do not want a cactus to come and break that special climate in our room without its negative character.

2. Kitchen

If you were thinking of spicing up your kitchen with a cactus, I recommend that you change your mind. For Feng Shui, this plant will cause you to feel moody when cooking, it also means that the food has a bitter taste and you cannot enjoy it.

3. Dining room

It is also not a good idea to place them in the dining room. It is a place where family gatherings are generally held and a pleasant time is spent. Feng Shui says that the intervention of the cactus will cause unnecessary feelings of tension for those occasions.

4. Bathroom

The bathroom is considered by Feng Shui as one of the most negative places to place plants, and the case of cacti is no exception. It is very humid and does not favor their growth and well-being. In addition, in a quiet place such as our bathroom should be, Feng Shui proposes that you have to avoid thorny plants that all they do is emit energy in a negative way.

In these places you can!

If you are a cactus lover and do not want to refuse to have one inside your house, according to Feng Shui, the ideal place is the one furthest from your room and that, at the same time, is facing the main entrance door.

Other options, more positive in terms of the effect of the energy emanating from the cacti, is to place them outside your house so that with its thorns it "protects" you from everything bad that may affect you, or in your workplace, Since they are synonymous with success and growth, they are sure to attract positive things. On the other hand, it is believed that by placing them near a computer, they reduce the effect of electromagnetic fields.

Don't stop having a cactus! Just follow the advice of Feng Shui and find the ideal place for you to live together in harmony.


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