Tesla has already deployed 10 superchargers in Spain

Tesla has already deployed 10 superchargers in Spain

A location chosen for its strategic position for the connection between Madrid and the coastal areas of Murcia and Alicante. Tesla plans its superchargers based on the most suitable routes and distances for its vehicles.

The first Tesla supercharger in Spain was installed in Gerona, inaugurated in the summer of 2015. Each of these superchargers is capable of providing a Tesla electric car with 270 kilometers of autonomy, with a quick recharge of half an hour.

Today, Tesla has 10 charging stations throughout Spain, with a total of 54 individual superchargers. Little by little this network will expand throughout the territory, with the intention of covering the most strategic routes for the company.

For owners of a Tesla before January 15 of this year, the use of superchargers is free, for purchases after that date are 400 kWh free (1,600 kilometers of autonomy). From there, 0.24 euros per kWh is charged.

In addition to the charging stations en route, in Spain there are 97 charging points installed at the destination, hotels, shopping centers and Tesla collaborating restaurants.


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