A river disappears in just four days in Canada

A river disappears in just four days in Canada

The melting of glaciers caused by global warming has changed a river system in the Yukon Territory of Canada, causing a redirection of water to dry up a river in just four days, according to the scientist Gerard Roe, co-author of a study on the subject.

Instead of flowing intothe river slims, The water from the glaciers has changed course and is now flowing south towards the Kaskawulsh River, the Gulf of Alaska and the Pacific Ocean. Of the River Slims now only the bed caused by erosion remains, but no water.

The events happenedin May 2016. Now, the waters of the glacier feed the Kaskawulsh River and the Alsek River, which empties into the Pacific Ocean about 1,300 kilometers from its original destination. A phenomenon that experts rateof "river piracy".

With global warming "the natural habitat is altered" and has led to"dramatic" changes with changes in the chemistry and biology of the waters in question, says Gerard Roe, a professor at the University of Washington in Seattle (northwestern United States), to the AFP agency. In addition, it could have serious consequences for the regions served by the River Slims that have yet to be seen.


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