New uses of Aloe Vera that you did not know

New uses of Aloe Vera that you did not know

Aloe Vera has been used as a medicinal plant for decades, but a study by a Russian scientist has determined that this miraculous plant can help heal eyesight due to the multiple properties found in it and saw that it can be used more of which we knew until now.

We cannot know yet what are the properties of aloe that he discovered, but people who use it frequently know that it can be applied and consumed in many ways, obtaining spectacular results. Now also using Aloe vera to improve vision will not be an exception, thought the Russian eye specialist named Vladimir Petrovich Filatov.

This ophthalmologist specialized in the University of Moscow in 1897, and has devoted his learning with a great enthusiasm that few have seen. In 1922 he began to do his research until 1930, which was when he reported a technique to transplant corneas from corpses to living patients who were prone to loss of sight.

Apart from specializing in this area of ​​tissues, he was also dedicated to the treatment of tuberculous lupus through transplants of tissues from deceased people, he used the human placenta which served him for the treatment of diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa, developing a number of techniques and studies. Vladimir held a theory that a substance contained in aloe vera could help improve eyesight.

In this article you will see how you should use the substance of aloe vera to improve eyesight and how you can easily prepare this remedy. Although we do not know for sure what are the properties of aloe vera, those of us who use it continuously know that aloe acts for different health purposes.

The way to prepare this remedy with aloe vera to improve vision:

First you must extract the liquid substance of aloe that will be the main and most important ingredient for the preparation of this remedy, biogenic stimulants are found in this preparation of aloe vera to improve eyesight, renew, promote and accelerate the regeneration of the optical tissues and any of the varieties of this plant can be used.

For this you must cut the leaves and proceed to wash them, then the thorns are removed from the sides and the upper layer of the leaf, cut it into small pieces, and crush it and place it on a cloth and squeeze it to obtain the liquid, Pour it into a container, and when you have the aloe liquid, put 100 milliliters and it is mixed with the other ingredients as follows:

  • 500 grams of walnuts well crushed.
  • 300 milliliters of pure honey.
  • 4 lemons squeezed.

The way to carry out the treatment is taking a tablespoon of the remedy 3 times a day preferably 25 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once you notice an improvement in your eyesight after consuming it for a month, take a rest for about 2 weeks before repeating the treatment.

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