Dry toilet: an ecological contribution to the climate catastrophe

Dry toilet: an ecological contribution to the climate catastrophe

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Being a watertight system, it frees rodents from contact with fecal matter, a common problem that is generated in these situations.

They are another of Argentina's problems, the modifications of the water level of napas by an agrocorporative model that exploits the soil without being interested in the lives of the people and the very soil that it exploits.

As INTA technicians have recently published, as native forests and pampas grasslands, ecosystems that used and evaporated more water, were devastated, the groundwater tables began their ascent. The no-till model uses less water only for part of the year. This means that when significant rainfall arrives, a number of cities in the pampas plain, increasingly growing, are left with a large part of their surface flooded, and when the water goes down it does so only in the superficial part.

This phenomenon makes bathing systems with water, as well as cesspools and septic tanks, unviable. For this reason, in the transition that follows for these localities (before the abandonment of many localities due to permanent flooding), the solution is the installation of dry toilets.

The Permapreta dry toilet was developed for these situations, allowing to make the layout of bathrooms in buildings already built, being able to enter the chamber of this system through the door of the same bathroom and be installed on the floor by making an excavation. Also, because it is hermetic, it can defend itself from the rise of layers. And finally, what is part of his invention, the discharge of the humus is done from above, unlike other dry toilets in the world that have to be emptied from a lower hatch.

The processing system is based on the fact that after separating the urine in the toilet, the fecal matter is processed by a culture of special microorganisms enhanced by the action of pyrolic carbon, after a partial transformation the Californian worms act, which end up converting the material in humus rich in nutrients, microorganisms and in carbon particles that all will continue to give full fertility to the place where this humus is placed.

In this way, an invention based on the principles of permaculture, provides a solution to the health problems that humans are generating. Thus releasing effluents contaminated with pathogens and populations that due to lack of water have to abandon their bathrooms and the health emergency is triggered, as fecal matter remains on the surface.


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