Plastic rice is invading Latin America learn how to identify it

Plastic rice is invading Latin America learn how to identify it

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Potato starch is mixed with plastic (synthetic resin, for example) and then shaped into rice grains. Subsequently, the grains are impregnated with the typical aroma of rice through vaporization. Doctors have repeatedly warned about the dangers of consuming this artificial product: three servings could contain as much plastic as a small bag of this material. Alarming!

With these simple tricks you can do the test to see if the rice you eat is healthy and plastic free:

The water test

Put a tablespoon of uncooked rice in a glass of cold water and shake it vigorously. If all the rice sinks to the bottom of the glass, then it is healthy. If the grains float to the surface, be careful!

The test of fire

Try putting some rice on the fire with a match or a lighter. If it burns right away and smells like burnt plastic, then you know what to do! (Do not consume it!).

The mortar and pestle test

When you grind some grains of rice in a mortar, the grains are easily reduced to a fine, white, starchy powder. But with artificial rice you will see, instead, how the grains are slightly stained yellow.

The mold test

If you want to be sure that your cooked rice is completely natural, put a small amount in an airtight container and leave it in a warm place. In a few days it should have mold. Only imitation rice remains mold free.
Here is the video of the test (in English):

This is how you can stay safe. Show these tips to all your friends who love rice so no one has to eat a plastic plate at noon!

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