Sustainable growth

Sustainable growth

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By José Carlos García Fajardo

Fear is the cause of the widespread pain that arises, once again, from the anger product of fear, from the lust of the senses, from the attachment to the desire for things, from the greed for ephemeral acknowledgments and, ultimately, from disorientation. produced by the loss of meaning to live with dignity, in harmony with everything that exists, in solidarity with all other beings and with a transcendence born of contemplation, of authentic experience (not of experiments) that adapts to the internal laws of the universe and leads us to the fullness of being and existence which is the perfect happiness that every being yearns for even without knowing it.

Never has the planet been in a situation so close to the destruction of the ecosystem, the extinction of millions of people and a paradigm shift that could destroy all the achievements of humanity instead of opening itself up to new models that put the social before the state , the human to the tyranny of technocracy and happiness to the success of uncontrolled growth.

In the world in which we live, unjust inequality prevails between states, between peoples and even among human beings. The environment cannot resist for a long time the systematic and continuous aggression that leads us to the extermination of species, life in rivers and seas, forests and land with galloping erosion and desertification, with situations poverty, hunger, infectious diseases, homelessness, ignorance and lack of basic education for more than a billion people, uprooting for tens of millions of emigrants, inhuman work for millions of children, exploitation of hundreds of peoples of the South for a few dozen peoples of the North, of atrocious deaths due to wars in which the number of civilian victims already far exceeds that of combatants, of segregation and discrimination for hundreds of millions of human beings in a world in that it is possible to remedy all these plagues because they are the product of human injustice and because the planet is capable of feeding its inhabitants as long as it acts with justice, with wisdom, with intelligence and with solidarity.
And with common sense, because that's where life is going.

For all this, we run the undoubted risk of institutionalizing the effects by silencing the causes of these injustices, of these discriminations and of so much pain and marginalization of human beings with the same right to a dignified life as any other person, since we are citizens of the world turned into a global community and with a solidary destiny.

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