Ban transgenic trees!

Ban transgenic trees!

A new threat to the world's forests is proliferating: the US Department of Agriculture could very soon allow the cultivation of transgenic trees throughout its territory, if it approves the application of a company from that country. If they allow the cultivation of this type of eucalyptus, the first transgenic tree that could be grown in the United States, it will surely soon be able to expand to other countries. We want to prevent it. Sign the petition.

In and of itself, eucalyptus plantations are invasive, causing permanent damage to the natural forest ecosystem. They also consume large amounts of water, causing its scarcity and favoring the expansion of forest fires. In addition, these monocultures do not serve as habitat for wild animals. Plantations often destroy the lands and livelihoods of local and indigenous communities.

Signature to prevent the approval and deregulation of transgenic eucalyptus.

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