This shirt changes color when it detects contamination in the water

This shirt changes color when it detects contamination in the water

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Pollution is present (sadly) in our lives and we have to deal with it every day. Many times it exists even though we cannot detect it. Science can help us avoid this and make this serious environmental problem visible.

How? A London brand has created a T-shirt that changes color when it comes into contact with contaminated water. This is Water, a project carried out by The Lost Explorer and Theunseen.

The shirt is capable of detecting the ph of the contaminated water and reacting depending on the level of pollution present. For that it has been dyed with purple cabbage; the acidity of the water reacts to anthocyanin, a compound present in cabbage, and modifies the color of the shirt.

Thus, violet will correspond to a neutral level in the water, dark blue will be ideal for fish life, green will irritate the eyes, while red means that water can cause irreversible damage to organs and tissues.

“Through a simple natural dyeing process that was easily repeated at home, we applied the resulting cabbage dye to a Lost Explorer cotton and hemp t-shirt to visualize the contamination concentrations in the water through a color change. simple but impressive. PH is an innate property of water, which defines the limits within which life can and cannot thrive, ”the project authors pointed out.

In this way, advances in science can help us to show the scope and dangers of water pollution, one of the main causes of the increase in global temperature and climate change.

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