Mexico will punish spectators and organizers of dogfights with jail

Mexico will punish spectators and organizers of dogfights with jail

Since yesterday, Mexico applies severe sanctions to those who are involved in the promotion, organization and development of dogfights. The measure has been widely celebrated by different animal rights organizations and has been seen as an example to be followed by other countries.

In this way, the penalty would range from six months to five years in prison and includes those who breed or train a dog for the purpose of making it participate in a fight. Those who possess, transport, buy or sell dogs with the intention that they are part of a fight will also be sanctioned.

People who organize, promote, advertise, sponsor or sell tickets to dogfights will also be punished. The penalties will be even higher if those involved are public servants, in this case, the jail term can reach up to seven and a half years.

In the case of spectators who participate in these events, they risk between two months and a year and a half in jail, in addition to a significant financial fine. The announcement of this important measure has been widely applauded in various organizations within Mexico.

“We are very happy with all the effort that culminated in a victory. It is the first time that animal abuse is typified in the Federal Penal Code… It is an issue that is involved with other organized crime activities, so it is something positive beyond animals, also for society ”, said Antón Aguilar, president Humane Society International (HSI) Mexico.

Thus, the North American country has taken an important step in respecting animal rights by punishing an activity as terrible as dogfighting. From now on, those who profit and enjoy at the expense of animal suffering will be severely and deservedly punished.

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