How you heat food can cause cancer

How you heat food can cause cancer

John Hopkins University; has issued an urgent statement in its Bulletin to alert the population about the risks of heating containers containing plastic in the microwave because they release a toxin called dioxin; which can cause cancer. Ceramic or glass dishes must be used.

Dioxin compounds cause cancer, especially breast cancer. The recommendation is not to put the water bottles in the fridge, since dioxin is released from the plastic. TheDr. Edward Fujimoto, manager of Castle Hospital Wellness Program, was interviewed on television and explained this threat to health, said that "we should not use plastic containers or dishes to heat our food in the microwave." Especially foods that contain fat. Explained that the combination of fats, high temperatures and plastic, releases dioxin in the form of vapor that is introduced into the food and ultimately in the cells of our body. Dioxin is carcinogenic and highly toxic to the cells of the human body.

He recommends that we use glass, Pyrex (tempered glass), or ceramic dishes and containers to heat food. From which it follows thatfoods such as prepared and frozen meals have to be removed from their original packaging and heated in another type of container. It is not that the paper is bad, but that it is not known what the paper is made of. It is simply safer to use glass.

He also talked about not covering food with Kleen-Pack or Ega-Pack (self-adhesive plastic on a roll) when it is very hot, the plastic drops drops laden with poisonous toxins on the food. It must be replaced by absorbent paper towels. Share this information to prevent people from continuing to ingest this dangerous toxin.

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