Video outrage of a shark tied up and dragged by a boat

Video outrage of a shark tied up and dragged by a boat

The video shows how at least three men who are on board a boat register with their cell phones a shark that they tied by the tail to their boat. The friends laugh and point to the animal that appears and disappears over the water uncontrollably driven by the speeding boat. One of the men seems to say "look, he's almost dead" while pointing to the abused animal.

The video

The video was released after two of the men who appear in the recording sent it to a renowned shark hunter in the south of the state ofFlorida known asMark the Shark (‘Mark the Shark’, in English) so that he would feel “proud of them” and give them recognition.

Although Mark claimed that the video was not sent to teach him a lesson on hunting, but to seek praise and congratulations, he was actually disgusted and horrified by the content of the recording, which already contains more than59 thousand views and 1,800 commentssince its publication earlier in the week. In addition to the video, the hunter received a photograph in which the dead animal could be seen as it was displayed as a trophy.

After receiving the video, Mark contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) to report the case, and thanks to this the agencies are now investigating the video.


The group that released the images asked everyone who saw them to try to recognize the men and provide any information about them. The FWC also welcomes any information about the incident that could be provided. You can contact the FWC anonymously at 888-404-3922 or via email [email protected]

Warning: the following video contains strong images that may hurt your sensitivity:

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