Cyfix, the bicycle that stops your movie on Netflix if you stop pedaling

Cyfix, the bicycle that stops your movie on Netflix if you stop pedaling

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The mechanics are simple: if you stop pedaling, your series or movie will stop on your television. This is how you keep yourself compelled to exercise while enjoyingNetflix since a slowdown could end your favorite show.

“The idea came to me from some exercise bikes that I have seen in gyms. If you stop pedaling, they turn off. I don't think it is the best way to motivate the person who is exercising. My bike for the chapter and, if you pick up the pace again, continue ”, the student toldVerne.

For the invention to work, Byrne had to program a disused computer. Although getting the Cyfix up and running is somewhat difficult, the end result is fun. You can see a demo in the following video.

The young student does not plan to sell his creation, that is why he himself has explained the operation in theInstructable web, a portal for inventors and creatives, where he mentions the step by step so that other interested parties can replicate the invention.

The Dublin Institute of Technology student has been surprised by the attention his creation has received in the media around the world.

“In Instructables there are all the steps for anyone to create their own Cyflix. I am not looking for any profit. Just that other people have as much fun as I do, ”he tells Verne.

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