The second life of rhinos

The second life of rhinos

More than 6,000 specimens killed in the last nine years. It is the sinister reality of the rhinos in South Africa.

It is estimated that between 2009 and 2016 the attacks of poachers multiplied by 90. Most only look for their horns, a lucrative business because the powder obtained from them is highly appreciated by traditional Chinese medicine, despite the fact that it is the same material from which, for example, human nails are made. But even if their horns are ripped off while they are alive, most rhinos don't survive to tell the tale.

Thinking of the few who achieve it, the NGO Saving the Survivors (saving the survivors) was created in 2012. Its founder, veterinarian Johan Marais, and his colleague Zoe Glyphis are in charge of healing and stitching the wounds of these large mammals.

In the most serious cases, they have to travel to the place where they have received an alert that there is an injured rhino. In others, they are transferred to safer areas around Johannesburg or Pretoria.

There the treatment can be prolonged to ensure that the unusual patient, before regaining freedom, has all the guarantees to live the second life he has earned.

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