The Great Wall of 8 thousand kilometers of trees, which is changing Africa

The Great Wall of 8 thousand kilometers of trees, which is changing Africa

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Africa is building a great green wall of trees that will cross the entire continent and that will help mitigate the effects of climate change.

In a few years, as we cross the Sahara from north to south, we will come across a wall of trees and we will know that the end of the desert has arrived.

This wall of trees is a project called the "Great Green Wall" and launched in 2007 by 11 countries in the region that seeks, in addition to mitigating the effects of climate change, to help local farmers.

Senegal is the country with the most advanced project and it has already begun to see results.

Some villagers already give their testimony

-When there were no trees, the wind lifted and eroded the soil. But now it is more protected. The leaves serve as compost and the foliage increases the humidity of the environment and offers some shade, so it is no longer necessary to water as much-

-Before the wall, we did not have work but now we do. It is good for the economy. The Great Green Wall is very useful for us because we grow a lot of vegetables and now we can produce them for less money-

Praise the trees! The wall will bring wealth " the African peoples benefited from the wall sing in songs.

The green wall project

The project started in 2007 and there are still years to go before it is ready. It will cost about $ 8 billion. The “Great Green Wall” will be 8,000km long and 15km wide and will span 11 countries.

The project is planting acacias, drought-resistant trees. Its roots retain water in the soil, so wells that were empty have been refilled.

There are other projects such as that of a Norwegian company that is committed to revegetate deserts, in the fight against climate change.

From salt water, sunlight and the use of new environmental technologies, this project aims to generate a restorative cultivation system, which generates the main resources and needs that the planet demands: clean energy, fresh water, carbon dioxide storage and food.

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