Declaration of the Food Sovereignty Forum: Territories of Peace for a Dignified Life - Peoples' Summit in front of the WTO

Declaration of the Food Sovereignty Forum: Territories of Peace for a Dignified Life - Peoples' Summit in front of the WTO

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For the construction of “Territories of peace for food sovereignty and politics and a dignified life. Out with the WTO, out with free trade for our lands, our agriculture, our dishes and our planet "

December 12-13, 2017

The participants of the Food Sovereignty Forum held in the city of Buenos Aires on December 12 and 13, 2017, want to express our agreements for the construction of Territories of Peace for the peoples; the peasants of the world and all the peoples who fight to remain in our ancestral territories and to continue feeding humanity as we have done for the last ten thousand years; at the same time as enabling a decent life in cities with healthy food produced locally.

The more than 300 participants of this Food Sovereignty Forum, peasants and peasants, indigenous peoples, fishermen and food producers, from more than 30 countries on 4 continents, first denounce the Free Trade violence that has been carried out at this Ministerial Summit. clearly expressed in the censorship exercised by the Argentine Government, with the acceptance and collusion of the WTO, preventing the participation of the many representatives of social organizations who wanted to come to Argentina to express their opinions and positions on this Summit. Thus it is shown that the "freedom" that they proclaim since that Ministerial Summit is the freedom to impose the voices of the powerful while 99% of humanity remains outside that closed, secret and walled space in which they intend to make the decisions that will affect to all the peoples of the world, decisions marked by violence.

And it isViolencewhich is exercised every day through the management of agribusiness and corporate interests in our territories where we are expelled, persecuted, criminalized and murdered, while increasing their profits disproportionately and defending their interests

Violence It is the one that on March 3, 2016, murdered Berta Cáceres in Honduras and that today prevents the Honduran people from exercising their right to choose who will govern them.

Violence It is the one that in the last 3 months claimed the lives of Santiago Maldonado and Rafael Nahuel in Argentine Patagonia; young people who were murdered for showing solidarity with the Mapuche people's fight for the right to land.

Violence that throughout the world has cornered peasants and native peoples in just a quarter of the available land while we and we continue to be the ones who provide most of the food for all humanity.

Violence It is the one that agribusiness exercises destroying three-quarters of all the agricultural seeds that our ancestors have bequeathed to us while seeking to appropriate the rest through the Seed Laws and patents.

Violence that corporations seek to convert our food into merchandise, producing the greatest food crisis that humanity has ever suffered, with more than half of the malnourished or malnourished population suffering from famine, multiple deficiencies and chronic diseases due to overweight and obesity; suffering that is greater in the most vulnerable.

Violencewith which new and increasingly dangerous technologies are being imposed without debate, consultation or participation of the peoples. Technologies such as transgenics, new biotechnological developments, geoengineering or new gene editing techniques that threaten all life systems globally.

Violencewith which false solutions are imposed for the various crises, climate, energy, food, which only seek to continue with the appropriation and hoarding of our common goods.

Violence that capitalism is destroying Mother Earth, our Pachamama, destroying the climate, our forests, our soils, our plants, our animals, our common goods; polluting our rivers and seas and turning the planet into a desert in which the very possibility of future life is threatened.

Violence that is expressed in the patriarchal and racist system that kills and is expressed daily at all levels of our lives.

We and we say once againENOUGH of Violence! And we will continue to build another possible world, taking care of our Mother Earth and feeding the peoples of the world through:

- Our commitment to continue promoting Food Sovereignty as a platform, principle and political basis for our actions to guarantee a world without hunger and a land with peasant women and men taking care of it, nurturing it in a conscious and loving way.

- Our commitment to defend our territories as Territories of Peace where land, water and diversity are an integral part of a full life in harmony with all living beings.

– Our commitment to continue defending those territories against the violence of capital, the commodification of life and the destruction caused by megaprojects in the name of so-called “progress”.

- Our commitmentto keep alive the knowledge that our ancestors bequeathed to us and that today represent in the hands of the communities the main hope to face the crisis to which this insane capitalism is leading us.

– Our commitmentto fight against "Free Trade" in all areas where it is to be imposed, be it in the WTO, through bilateral or multilateral Free Trade Agreements or in multilateral spaces such as the IMF or the World Bank; denouncing their lies and showing the true face of this planned looting to which they intend to subject us.

-Our commitmentto continue producing healthy, free and sovereign food through diverse and rich peasant agro-ecological production, as is each of our peoples.

- Our commitment to continue working locally, strengthening community gardens, rescuing local food knowledge and the use of medicinal plants and all those experiences that from the local and community organization strengthen and are the basis for our collective actions.

- Our commitment so that all peoples have the right to decent, healthy and nutritious food and much more when it is part of any type of food aid.

– Our commitmentto continue multiplying, sharing and defending our Creole and native seeds as Heritage of the Peoples at the Service of Humanity, free of GMOs, pesticides and intellectual property rights.

- Our commitmentto multiply our principles, our experience and our knowledge through all the educational spaces that we have been building from our movements, calling on all those who feel committed from their own areas of action to join this crusade for peasant agroecological training.

- Our commitment toadvance in the strengthening and construction of communication media for freedom that can overcome the media siege that the hegemonic media have created and that has managed to put a large part of humanity in a state of collective hypnosis.

– Our commitment to continue building with researchers from all over the world another model of science based on the new paradigms that emerge from the hand of Dignified Science, the collective construction and dialogue of knowledge and a comprehensive and non-fragmented vision of the world. This dignified science must be sustained in an educational system that at all levels is consistent with that sense of dignity and must have Food Sovereignty as its central axis.

– Our commitmentto fight against the violence of neoliberalism that once again seeks to impose itself as the only thought and end of history. We know that our diversity, our history and our struggles herald the beginning of a better time.

– Our commitmentto continue honoring those who have preceded us on this path by sowing hopes, ideas and dreams for a better world by continuing to build a world of solidarity, free and united in diversity in which life is worth more than the laws of the market, property private sector and capital accumulation.

– Our commitment in transforming our relationships by setting aside and fighting all forms of domination and oppression against women, indigenous peoples, young people and all those who in this society are marginalized and persecuted.

– Our commitmentto advance in the construction of alliances with all the social sectors that have come together in this People's Summit to say very loudly:

– We are a single twinned force with urban workers, consumers, the unemployed, feminist movements, movements for sexual diversity, environmentalists, youth organizations, academics and all of us who come here committed to building another society.

We recognize ourselves in the anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchal, internationalist and anti-colonialist principles and we assume the commitment to them as a challenge for our daily life, within our organizations and in the search for the construction of a new society that we have assumed is possible and necessary.

We stand in solidarity with all the peoples of the world in resistance and we are inspired by the example of the brave Colombian peasantry that today takes on the challenge of building peace territories in a country that has gone through decades of violence, we declare ourselves committed to making everyone our territories.



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