The 10 tech companies that pollute the most

The 10 tech companies that pollute the most

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Xiaomi, Amazon and Samsung are part of the black list of the technology companies that pollute the most in the world, according to the Greenpeace organization.

Amazon, Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi are some of the technology companies that do not have among their interests, caring for the environment. Details are in theGuide to Greener Electronics (Guide for greener electronics, in Spanish) prepared by the environmental organization Greenpeace.

This guide aims to analyze what the 17 major electronics companies in the world are doing for the planet and what they still have to do.

During the years 2006 to 2012, Greenpeace published the Guide regularly, but seeing the progress of companies in eliminating hazardous materials from their products and making them more energy efficient decided to suspend its publication.

Greenpeace decided to relaunch the Guide, this time focusing on three areas of impact, related to product design and responsible management of the supply chain throughout the electronics sector:

  1. Energy: Reduction of greenhouse gases through efficiency and renewable energy.
  2. Resource consumption: Sustainable design and use of recycled materials.
  3. Chemical products: Elimination of hazardous chemicals in the product itself and in its manufacture

The Guide also highlights the lack of transparency in the supply chain of companies. This means that most electronics manufacturers publish little information about their suppliers, keeping their environmental performance and negative impacts hidden.

Of the 17 companies evaluated, only six publish the core list of their vendors and only Fairphone and Dell provide details on each vendor's products or services.

Huawei is one of the leading companies in the global smartphone market, but it is the only brand that does not report on its supply chain of greenhouse gas emissions.

Despite the "impressive" progress, Greenpeace says that several companies have yet to address the rapid growth of the carbon footprint and dependence on dirty energy in their supply chains.

The estimated Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) (both own operations and supply chain) for the 17 companies were more than 103 million metric tons of Co2 in 2016, equivalent to approximately the same level of emissions from the Czech Republic in one year.

The top 10 of the failed

The Guide gives a representative rating for the categories of Energy, Resource Consumption and Chemicals and also a global one (where A is passed and F failed).

Company / Rating

  1. Xiaomi / F
  2. Live / F
  3. Oppo / F
  4. Amazon / F
  5. Samsung / D-
  6. Asus / D
  7. Huawei / D
  8. Google / D +
  9. Sony / D +
  10. LG / D +

Unfortunately, none of the companies evaluated received an A rating.

Samsung is lagging behind in renewable energy, failing to address its climate change responsibility by committing to 100% renewable energy for its operations, the Guide reveals. In 2016, the company used more than 16,000 GWh of energy compared to 1 percent from renewable sources.

While Huawei, now one of the top three smartphone brands globally, "has not yet realized its tremendous potential in environmental leadership," the Guide highlights.

And Amazon remains one of the least transparent companies in the world in terms of its environmental performance, as it still refuses to report the greenhouse gas footprint it generates in its operations.



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