"Sacred Foods That Heal": Contain Bacterial Resistance from Food

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"Recovering the knowledge of our mothers and grandmothers, to rebuild the fabric of life, from the recognition of diversity as an essential element to travel through this World, is the challenge that is presented to us in these times of civilizational crisis that is expressed symptomatologically in a forceful way ”.

With the words of Dr. Damián Verzeñassi Director of the Socio-Environmental Health Institute of the National University of Rosario, Argentina, we want to share with you this new publication promoted by ReAct Latin AmericaSacred Foods That Heal "

This publication is the product of a qualitative research carried out by Ecuadorian researchers Patricio Matute and Jorge Parra in the communities and urban sectors of the provinces of Cañar, Azuay and Loja, which used focus group techniques and semi-structured interviews on related topics. with food anthropology and food security and sovereignty.

A healthy, nutritious, balanced diet is a revolutionary way of reaffirming a subsistence economy against a mercantile one that promotes the food industry, the drug industry and the disease-health system without prevention.

In this context, we put this material for your consideration, the intention of which is to strengthen the debate and discussion of a comprehensive strategy to contain bacterial resistance to antibiotics from the diet and its different relationships with health, culture, nature and society. .

- To download the publication (PDF), click on the following link:

Source: ReAct

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