Climate change. Short film winner of a short film contest

Climate change. Short film winner of a short film contest

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Oberven, which, as in the vast majority of videos, articles, etc. published on global warming, there is no mention here of meat consumption, which exceeds transport in destructive gas emissions. It is logical that the media (same companies as the meat companies) hide it, but that environmentalists keep quiet, ignorance or complicity, which amounts to the same thing.
Water footprint of the products. The food industry takes 70% of the water used worldwide, industry 22% and human consumption 8% (Unesco environment / water / wwap /). True, don't let the water run when you brush your teeth, but don't forget that the steak on your plate needed 10,000 liters of water to get to your table (UN in 2012> /03/21/actualidad/1332363433_223320.html)

Video: HOME-A Climate Change Informative Shortfilm (June 2022).


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