US mining company registers more than 50 thousand hectares to exploit gold in Patagonia

US mining company registers more than 50 thousand hectares to exploit gold in Patagonia

The US company - the largest gold miner in the world - has its eyes on Chilean Patagonia. In other countries where it operates, it has faced serious accusations of malpractice.

The multinational Newmont registered 182 applications for the exploitation of more than 50,000 hectares in the Patagonia area of ​​the Aysén Region.

The lands registered by the United States-based company are located near the city of Coyhaique and are located in the border area with Argentina, where there is archaeological and paleontological heritage.

Newmont acquired Canada's GoldCorp in January, becoming the largest gold miner in the world. The media assures that both companies "have faced socio-environmental conflicts, but also complaints of human rights violations."

One of the most emblematic cases of the GoldCorp company at a global level occurred in Guatemala, where it operated for more than a decade. The Marlin mine, in the west of the country, brought with it economic growth, but also severe impacts on biodiversity, such as the pollution of rivers, and even caused the death of people.

In 2010, a study carried out by environmental health researchers from the University of Michigan warned about the damage to the indigenous population living in areas surrounding the mining area. "They have higher levels of potentially toxic metals in their blood and urine than those who live more than 7 kilometers away",

Finally, in May 2017 GoldCorp closed the Marlin mine in Guatemala.

The precise information that GoldCorp promotes in the Atacama Region the Nueva Unión (Alto del Carmen) and Norte Abierto (Tierra Amarilla) projects, in addition to maintaining concessions in Aysén, about 15 kilometers from Puerto Ingeniero Ibáñez.

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