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Guamúchil, a sweet wild pod to discover

Guamúchil, a sweet wild pod to discover

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The guamúchil is sweet with slightly bitter touches; This wild delicacy occurs in the hot climates of Mexico.

It is known for the shape of the fruit that occurs in the form of a thread or spiral. When the thread is not ripe, its color is greenish and the pod is completely closed, however when the thread begins to mature, the shell of the thread opens on one side and reveals the fruit in white or in some cases an intense pink color. almost reddish, inside the fruit is the black seed that is practically exposed and that is one of the evolutions of the species so that its seed is transported by animals that collect their fruit from the ground or by birds that disperse hundreds meters from the mother tree.

The fruit of the Guamúchil was one of the foods of the native peoples of Sinaloa who collected the threads for their long journeys, in addition to the threads that were toasted on a comal to remove the bitter taste.

The guamúchiles are always eaten raw and when they are very ripe, which is when the pods burst and present the already black seed.

During the harvest season, it is advisable to dehydrate them, that is, put them to sunbathe for four or five consecutive days, after unsheathing them without removing the seeds, thus they acquire greater sweetness without losing their qualities and they can be kept for a few months to dispose of them outside the season .

Guamuchil Properties

The fruit can develop a large amount of gases in the intestine causing very stinky wind, but these gases are exerting an energetic antiseptic action on the digestive tract, thus preventing the development of microbes and bacteria that are the cause of serious infectious diseases.

Guamúchiles are recommended, because they prevent and cure stomach and intestinal diseases, such as colitis, gastroenteritis, choleritis, dysentery, typhoid fever and even typhus.

The seeds crushed with a little water in the nostrils cause abundant secretion of mucus that decongests the head in case of constipated colds.

Also these seeds crushed with cold water in a proportion of 5 grains for a deciliter of boiled water, applied as an enema and preferably with a soft rubber rectal probe to bring the liquid to the upper parts of the intestine, quickly heals intestinal infections and acute dysentery or chronic.

It is often used in cases of empacho, caused by eating decomposed food, it is characterized by the presence of stomach pain, very strong diarrhea and fever, to combat it a tea is prepared with avocado seed, finch bark, changungo flower , plum tecata, guava shoots, it is taken on an empty stomach and then rubbed on the back and stomach of the patient; Or, the cooking of huizache root is used, with that of prickly pear, that of mint, that of oregano and Cuban seed, apart a piece of adobe is burned and since it is red-hot it is added to the water where it is the plants were cooked, eaten on an empty stomach; The cooking can also be done with the branches of the tronadora or the cooking of the bark alone.

The guamúchil peel boiled with the stick and segregated peel, is recommended to wash the wounds or in cooking with the cempaxúchitl leaves, the basil leaves and the copal peel, this is used for baths all over the body, when there is coldness .

It is recommended to put 2 to 3 drops of sap in the morning for the cloud in the eye.

It is also used to prevent abortion, in bumps, sores, sinusitis. It is reported as an astringent and anti-inflammatory.

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