How to make homemade liquid laundry soap

How to make homemade liquid laundry soap

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This liquid soap is really friendly to the environment, healthy for your skin, cheap for your pocket and the essentials: good for your clothes.


  • 1/2 bar white bread soap
  • Baking soda 1 glass
  • Water 1 1/2 L
  • Natural aromatic oil 25 drops

Step by Step

The procedure is very simple, you only have to grate half a white soap, the one that comes in a bar, the cheapest. You put it in a plastic container with a glass of baking soda.

In addition, put a liter and a half of water to boil in a pot and then add the boiled water to the plastic container.

If you want some aroma, you can add about 25 drops of the aromatic natural essence you want to the soap.

Shake well to mix everything and let cool.

How to use

Use as a replacement for powder or liquid soap and in the same proportion.

With this recipe you will never again want to buy liquid or industrial powder soap for the good of the planet, your clothes and your pocket.

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