A calculator that tells you the environmental impact of what you eat

A calculator that tells you the environmental impact of what you eat

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Among the actions to reduce the environmental impact, is the reduction or elimination of meat and dairy products from the diet.

When we begin to change our consumption habits, many questions arise: What is the difference between red meat, fish and chicken? What produces more greenhouse gases, a cup of rice or a few potato chips? Is wine production greener than beer? Drinks, meals ... what to choose?

To find out the environmental impact of what you eat and drink, click here and choose one of the 34 foods from this calculator and how often you consume it. The results will surprise you!

Avoiding meat and dairy is considered one of the main ways to reduce your impact on the environment.

Food production is responsible for a quarter of emissions ofgreenhouse gases that contribute toglobal warming, according to a study by the University of Oxford (you can see the study in English here *).

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