They manufacture furniture from recycled cardboard betting on sustainability

They manufacture furniture from recycled cardboard betting on sustainability

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"Kusco" is an enterprise that emerged 5 years ago in the city of La Plata (Argentina) with the idea of ​​developing sustainable products and experiences through cardboard to reduce environmental impact and add value to society.

From cardboard all the projects that we create are born to reach our maximum objective: to replace and stop the mass production of plastic.

The challenge? To demonstrate and validate that our material is versatile, durable and friendly to the environment.

We work together with protected workshops, entrepreneurs, artists and companies with the aim of generating a positive impact on the community based on three pillars: sustainability, social outlook and economic profit.

What does the name Kusco mean

It comes from the national slang "street dog". It is the faithful reflection and representation of our raw material,the paperboard. Noble, docile and accessible, just like any "Kusco" we come across on the street.

A dog that does not understand pure breeds, but is a companion always willing to go where they take it and adapt to any environment, affecting it in a positive way. And that is how our products are: resistant and of the best quality, like the friendship of a kusquito.

Matías Schulman is the co-founder and director of the venture. He is 32 years old, was born in Bahía Blanca and lives in La Plata.

In his profession, Industrial Design, he discovered his interest in solving everyday problems and improving the quality of life through sustainable projects.

Pablo Goicochea, part of the Kusco family. He has a degree in Social Communication. 35-year-old Bahiense.

Kusco and its relationship with art and sustainability

Since its birth, Kusco had the support and interest of artists to intervene in the products, generating joint experiences that end up giving it an added value highly valued by customers and the people who participate.

KUSCO is planted

Kusco carries out aafforestation program - reforestation that includes the education sector, whereFor every sale of a KUSCO product, a tree is planted. In this way, it seeks, on the one hand, to be responsible in the way it is produced and, on the other, to plant that little seed that will help future generations respect and educate on how to act in the environment.

“We started in La Plata and the idea is to extend the project to the whole country, generating a community that exceeds the brand. It is a project with which we intend to transcend and we want it to be our mark in caring for the environment ”, said the co-founder and director of Kusco, Matías Schulman.

An agronomist, Ramiro Taladriz, is part of the team and the technical leg of the program. The mission is to transform cities into forests.

Everything can be made of cardboard

One of the veins of Kusco is the possibility of adapting to requests and occurrences of organizations and brands: from scenery, to ping pong tables and even giant pieces, all made from recycled cardboard.

What Kusco offers

  • Armchairs with one and two bodies
  • Stool
  • Cardboard masks
  • Mouse and tall tables
  • Trash cans (we encourage separation)
  • Hangers (it is the first product with which we intend to replace the mass production of plastic) Fact: those made from recycled plastic contain a large percentage of virgin plastic.
  • Partition panels
  • Totems
  • Lamps
  • Computer support

To contact Kusco, you can do so through your Instagram or Facebook account or through your email: [email protected]

By Santiago Cravero Igarza

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