Call for the Peoples' Summit 2019

Call for the Peoples' Summit 2019

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The Peoples' Summit seeks to mobilize and build a global social force, an alternative to the (neoliberal) production and consumption model, which overcomes the social and ecological crisis that puts the future of life on the planet at imminent risk.

This year, Chile will be a global focus as two major international events will be held in the country.

In November they will meet, in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC), the economic and government leaders of the main world economies (including the US, China), whose objective is to refine strategies to continue increasing the already immoral accumulation of wealth, which has deepened levels of inequality, poverty, pollution and disease , by promoting a system of environmental degradation that has generated an already unsustainable ecological crisis.

In December, Conference of the Parties (COP25), will bring together representatives from 197 countries of the world that are members of the United Nations, to agree on actions that must be taken to stop Climate Change. Meetings that, for 25 years, have failed to ensure the change of course of the economies and policies of the world to protect and guarantee the survival of the human species. This year is the last chance to take drastic and systemic measures to prevent a global humanitarian disaster.

We then invite international organizations and networks to participate in the Peoples' Summit 2019, the anti-neoliberal space and for climate justice raised by social movements and from the territories.

We call on you to show and share life experiences and resistance struggles, in the most distant territories of the planet, in the face of the global crisis and the system that has caused it; to denounce and mobilize against free trade, extractivism and false solutions to climate change; and pressuring international negotiations in the sense of socio-environmental and climate justice.

Let's save the Earth, let's change the System

We invite you to register as an international organization at the Peoples' Summit:

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