Facebook prohibits the sale of animals on its Social Network

Facebook prohibits the sale of animals on its Social Network

Facebook has taken a strong stance on protecting animals. It will not allow its commercialization in the Social Network.

Facebook has banned the sale of live animals, pets, and livestock, as well as the sale of their hide, fur or fur through its posts thanks to its latest policy update.

Yes, it will be allowed to sell animal cages, accessories such as toys or necklaces, veterinary services, pet grooming services, and shipping services through this social network.

Instagram has also joined the animal movements, and with this ban they seek to promote adoption and prevent companion and wild animals from being exhibited and exploited as objects.

When you see a post that violates this policy, you can report it in the following way:

1. Click at the top right of the post.
2. Click Report Post or Report Photo.
3. Select the option "An animal for sale is shown" and follow the instructions.

The application has a request for all people who use its platform and it is to ask users that if they see inappropriate content, please report, because Facebook wants to be only a communication network and a network that shows that the world can be better through friendly, supportive, loving and simple content.


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