100% environmentally friendly, spill-proof bamboo bottles

100% environmentally friendly, spill-proof bamboo bottles

A truly sustainable alternative to plastic bottles, made from bamboo.

Plastic is so present in our daily lives that it is difficult for us to find alternative and ecological solutions to situations as simple as drinking water.

Despite being aware of the harmful effects of the use of plastic on our health and the environment, it is not easy to find ecological options.

To address the threat of plastic and reduce the use of plastic in our daily lives, Dhritiman Borah has presented an innovative solution. Assam, 36, makes bamboo bottles as an alternative to plastic.

The bottles, which are priced between Rs 200-450, are entirely handcrafted and made from a variety of bamboo calledbhaluka.

Borah bottles are airtight, leak-proof and reusable. Thanks to the use of a cork lid, it is possible to transport the bottles and fill them as many times as desired.

It was not easy for Dhritiman to accomplish the feat in such a short time. It took him more than a decade to get the right material and design for the bottle.

Each bottle takes around five hours to make, from cutting thebhaluka until boiling, drying, smoking, joining the separate parts and finishing it. Boiling further purifies and strengthens the wall around the hollow part of the bamboo, helping the bottle last at least 18 months.

We are currently producing around 1,500 bottles of bamboo per month, well below demand. If we had a lathe machine, a larger dryer, and other tools, we could produce around 8,000 per month. But that's a great investment. "

For now, Dhritiman's plan is to apply for a patent for his organic bottle design. When asked about Chinese bottles, he toldThe Hindu : "Mine is organic, yours is not, that's why they can't patent it."

Because bamboo is relatively easy to reproduce, the manufacture of these bottles is sustainable for the environment.

Inventions like Dhritiman's must be supported so that together as a society we can continue to advance towards a much more nature-friendly lifestyle.

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