Are the men who clean the home happier?

Are the men who clean the home happier?

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Who would have thought that men used to doing housework would be happier than others? Well, according to recent research from the University of Cambridge, cleaning and cooking are activities that make them feel at peace with themselves, making them more peaceful and less stressed.

The study was published in the book Gender Lives: Gender Inequalities in Production and Reproduction.

And to think that the researchers involved, Jacqueline Scott and Anke Plagnol, did not suspect such an outcome at all. They were convinced that through research, focusing on how household chores are divided into families, they would discover something more. The researchers, in fact, thought that men were unwilling to do household chores.

The result, therefore, was a surprise, as well as another finding: In many dual-income families, household chores are equally distributed between men and women. Furthermore, in 9% of households it is the man who cares the most about the house, although women play this role in most cases.

Men who do homework are apparently better than lazy men too, because they have less conflict with their peers. They get more stressed if they have uncooperative members, so there is a greater propensity for arguing. In this sense, other research, published in the book Fast-Forward Family, showed that the most serene couples are precisely those in which men help at home.

The same is not true for women whose well-being remains unchanged if it is men who take care of cleaning and other matters. Perhaps because they do it by choice, while often forced by circumstances and ingrained cultural heritage.

The fact is that, to live in peace and enhance the happiness of a couple, men must help out. If science itself affirms it, it must be given credit!

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