Oil stains already affect more than 100 beaches in Brazil

Oil stains already affect more than 100 beaches in Brazil

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An undetermined amount of oil spilled on the high seas spread along 2,000 kilometers of the northern coast of Brazil and the authorities are investigating its origin, after the Navy and the state oil company Petrobras found that it is a type of crude that was not produced. in the country. According to reports in recent hours, the number of affected beaches would be 115.

The Brazilian police are investigating the appearance of oil stains that have so far caused the death of several sea turtles and birds. The black oil stains have been detected since the beginning of September in eight states in the northeast, where the most paradisiacal beaches in Brazil are located.

The environmental surveillance agency IBAMA said that it has been working since the beginning of September with firefighters, the military and the state oil company to clean beaches and determine responsibilities, since spilling oil into the sea is an environmental crime severely punished in Brazil, with fines that can exceed the equivalent of 12 million dollars.

"After verifying the most recent reports and graphs on the situation of oil stains on the beaches of Rio Grande do Norte, the analysts of the monitoring team concluded that the situation in the State is stable so far," said IBAMA in the note in which the spill was reported.

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, set a 48-hour period on Saturday for those responsible for the Navy and the police to present preliminary results of the data collected and a detail of the measures adopted up to that moment.

In social networks, the advance of crude oil and the diffusion of videos in which the spots are seen moving with the waves and beaches where the crude reached the sand and completely covered turtles and other animals, generated outrage.

Environment Minister Ricardo Salles will travel today to the state of Sergipe, one of the states affected by the spills, to monitor the government's work, as confirmed by his advice to The Associated Press.

The government recommended that the population and visitors stay away from the affected areas. Until now, the Navy was unable to report the total size of the spots.


Video: Brazil Oil Spill: Crude sludge continues to plague Brazilian beaches (June 2022).


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