They raised their 9 children without a tablet or cell phone. Everyone is very happy

They raised their 9 children without a tablet or cell phone. Everyone is very happy

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The Paths are a family from South Georgia who live on a farm. You are experiencing raising your children without technology and it seems they are all very happy.

This family is becoming famous for their lifestyle, they even participated in the reality show “Welcome to Plathville”, to show the world that a family is more united away from television, computers and cell phones.

The Plath couple have 9 children between the ages of 6 and 21, who grew up running barefoot on a 22-hectare farm. The couple, Kim and Barry have raised their children away from television and harmful consumption habits such as soda.

Kim is a naturopath who majored in music therapy in college, while her husband works as a transportation planner. Their children are Ethan, 21, Hosanna, 20, Micah, 18, Moriah, 17, Lydia, 15, Isaac, 13, Amber, 10, Cassia, 8, and Mercy, 6.

The couple turned their sprawling land into a protected environment for their children that is free from the influence of social media and the outside world, forcing them to find creative ways to entertain themselves. But his parenting tactics seem to have drawn criticism: “Nothing against my parents, but, you know, I don't agree with everything they say and think "admits Moriah, her second oldest daughter.

However, his older brother Micah seems to be more adapted to farm life. He raises beef cows and likes to be active. In his spare time, he works in his auto body shop fixing his truck. "I have grown up without a television. I don't think i need one”Says Micah.

Without access to social media or television, children have no idea of ​​notable figures in sports and entertainment, including Justin Bieber and LeBron James.

Isaac, the couple's youngest son, says he loves soccer, basketball and football, but doesn't know who is one of the most popular NFL players of all time.

Do you know who Tom Brady is? A producer asks him, but the name of the famous Patriots quarterback doesn't ring a bell: “I do not think so”Confesses Isaac.

And although Lydia says she has “heard of spider man", He cannot explain who he is even if they insist:"Um, something I don't know”, He admits.

While some might find her upbringing strange, Kim and Barry's three youngest children, Amber, Cassia and Mercy, say that “they love the farm”.

These unconventional parents firmly believe that their children are more connected to each other than those who have grown up with access to television and cell phones.

Ethan, the Plath's eldest son, recently married his wife Olivia, a 21-year-old who has had a more forgiving upbringing. In fact, he's been tasked with introducing Ethan to new things, including sugar, television, alcohol, and social media.

I have a different perspective on life, so I step into the picture and bring change. And I have caused a hurricaneOlivia shoots.

But what do experts say about the use of technology in children?

It is not about keeping them away, but about avoiding their harmful effects.

The psychologist Sheri Madigan, researcher at the University of Calgary, Canada, carried out a recent investigation on the damage that technologies produce in children: “Specifically, how the time they spend in front of screens would affect them. Sheri refers to television, computers, video games, tablets, and mobile phones. This study shows that excessive screen time can have developmental consequences for children”.

For example, it was already known that the abuse of television slows down speech among children. That the screens harm the sleep of minors at a crucial stage. And that even in older children, around the age of ten, they also seem to slow down their cognitive development.

The results of this study support for the first time the directional association between screen time and child development”Explains the study. "When a particular child watches too much at the screens, he ends up having a worse development compared to what we expected him to do”, Adds the researcher.

The book, written by Joe Clement and Matt Miles, cites research that says that the risk of depression in high school youth increases by 27% when using social media from mobile. Also, teens who use a smartphone for at least three hours a day are much more likely to commit suicide. Here it has even been found that during 2014 the suicide rate in minors exceeded the homicide rate, this at least in the United States.

Clement and Miles base their book on the actions taken by personalities like Jobs and Gates, who rarely let their children try or use the products they helped create, this because digital technology supposedly causes an addiction that is difficult to deal with.

Bill Gates has always been open about this issue, mentioning that his children did not have a mobile until they were 14 years old. Today the average age of young people at their first phone is 10 years. The founder of Microsoft has also commented when he had to limit the time his daughter spent with technology, this after starting to develop an addiction to a video game.

The case of Steve Jobs is similar, during an interview in 2011 the then CEO of Apple mentioned that his children were prohibited from using the newly launched iPad, since the amount of technology used by his children at home has always been limited.

This family is showing that living without technologies does not affect the intelligence of children, in fact, they develop perfectly normal and in a much healthier way.

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