The Return to the Field

The Return to the Field

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Documentary: “La Vuelta al Campo - trailer / premiere 2020”. Peasant struggles for good living.

Synopsis: In a neoliberal context marked by poverty and exclusion, land redistribution together with food production are part of the return to the countryside. The peasants who were evicted by the advance of the agricultural frontier return to rurality, building an alternative in the face of so much inequality.

The feature film "LA VUELTA AL CAMPO, peasant struggles for good living" is the fifth documentary directed by Juan Pablo Lepore. He was selected to compete in the WIP 2018 (Work In Progress) of the 51st FICVIÑA International Film Festival of Viña del Mar. In 2019 he was an official selection for the Santiago SANFIC 15 International Film Festival.

Video: Hard work helps Bedfords Kyle Scoble return to the field as a leader and inspiration (June 2022).


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